Lampshade commissions

It's hard to find the right lampshade - in my opinion there are very few 'off the shelf' options in New Zealand, so getting a shade made bespoke is the way to go in order to achieve exactly what you want. I love working on commission shades - it's really satisfying to get the exact proportions and help to make a lamp 'shine brightly' again with a perfectly fitting, well thought out and expertly made shade. Not to mention that your shade would be 'one off' and therefore completely original and unique to your space! Here are some examples of my commissions. All these shades have been handmade by me in my Hawkes Bay studio. Do get in touch if you're interested in a bespoke lampshade and we can discuss options, I look forward to hearing from you!

Cone shaped shades




Straw shades


Pleated shades 



Skirt shade                                    Candle clip shades